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We no longer rely on candles to keep us out of the dark, but candlelight has always filled our lives, setting the stage for warm dinners and intimate evenings. Combining the romance of a candle with the utility of a flashlight, Wick’s energy-efficient design casts a warm glow that is perfect for a gift or for your own enjoyment.

Wick Spec Sheet (GP-2043-B)

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Imagine for a moment every use of a candle: functional lighting, romance, ambiance. Then consider the wick: an impressive modern follow-up or, dare we say, an improvement on that ancient flame. The wick is more than just great design, it is a companion. It is necessary-lighting the moments of our lives. Through its LED technology it achieves a brightness well beyond a candle. Slip your finger into the antique-styled handle–you can read your favorite novel, bring light throughout your house, into the night and into your life.Wick is the opportunity to blend both the function of superior lighting with the glimmer of yesteryear. Children will make shadow puppets into the night, and the rest of us, too, will discover countless joyful uses for this innovative product. Rediscover the magic of light through this new interpretation.

– Touch-sensored control

– 3 brightness settings plus pulse mode

– 1W warm LED- USB-C rechargeable battery (cable included)

– Battery life of 12-115 hours dependent on setting

– Ergonomic carrying ring

– Recyclable aluminum body

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